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About Planters' Society of Eastern India

Planter's Society of Eastern India was established in 1961 for uniting people in the tea industry of eastern fringes of India. Since it's inception in 1961, PSEI has been involved in the metamorphosis of the tea industry that has taken place in the country.

It's has actively been working towards macro and micro level adjustment with Government policies, addressing to expectations and aspirations of those connected with plantation industry. By doing this we have been able to earn a name for us and the name of the Society is heard with respect.

Read below for the Rules and Regulations of the Society : ( you can also download a copy of the following document in Microsoft Word format by clicking here )

(W.B. ACT NO. XXVI OF 1961)


1. Name: The name of the society shall be “Planters’ Society of Eastern India”.

2. Address : The registered office of the Society shall be situated at 46D Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, 3D Satyam Chamber, Calcutta 700 016

3. FINANCIAL YEAR: The financial year of the society will be April to March.

4. MEMBERSHIP : Membership of the Society shall be divided into three : -

a) Founder Members – The members of the first Executive Committee are called FOUNDER MEMBERS.

b) General Members -- All Planters, Executives of the Plantations & division of any Company, those engaged in the Medical Services, Research body or Stipendiary in Plantations and Business Planters, who have served for a reasonable number of years in their respective posts or contributed significantly to the welfare of the Planting Community, shall be eligible to become General Members, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

c) Honorary Members -- Persons of eminence and specialists, who have rendered valuable services for other social services or otherwise, may at the exclusive direction of the Executive Committee be admitted as Honorary Members by the Executive Committee

5. Membership Fees: Initial Membership fees payable by all members will be Rs. 1300/ i.e. Rs. 1000/- as Admission Fee and Rs. 300/ as Annual Subscription. Annual subscription will however, be. subject to revision as and when necessary.

6. EXECUTIVE COMITTEE /GOVERNING BODY : Executive members shall be elected from General Members, Executive members shall form the Executive Committee. It shall comprise of not less than seven members but not more than fifteen members. The office Bearers of the Executive Committee viz, President Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer shall be elected by the Executive Committee . The election of the executive Committee shall resign within 31st March 2001 and shall be eligible for re-election ( Part of the year shall be treated as full year)

a. By resignation or death
b. In default in payment of subscription for any year.
c. Any member of the Society whose activities are considered by the Executive Committee to be prejudicial to the interests of the Society may, subject to the approval of the General Meeting, be suspended or expelled by the Executive Committee provided however, no such decision shall be adopted without giving reasonable opportunity of healing to the Concerned Members, in accordance with law.

8. Register of Members: The Society shall maintain a Register of members containing the names, addresses and their occupation including the Honorary members. The Register will be kept at the registered Office of the Society and the same be available for inspection of any desirous members.

a) Any member ' of the Society has the right to be elected to the Executive Committee provided he has been a member of the Society for two years.
b) To submit suggestions to the Executive Committee and Sub-Committee on any matter.
c) To inspect the accounts of the Society.
d) To forego his membership after giving one month’s clear notice in writing to the Executive Committee.
c) To pay his subscription within the prescribed time.
f) Members shall have one “VOTE” each but the HON Members shall have no voting right.

10. Terms of OFFICE : Subject to the Rules hereunder provided, the Executive Committee shall not hold office till the next Annual General Meeting of the society ( election year) is held. No office bearer shall be entitled to seek election to the same office for more than two consecutive terms ( each term shall be of 3 years).
11. VACANCIES : The members of the Executive Committee shall fall vacant by his death, resignation or removal and it shall he filled up by the Executive Committee within three months.

12. MEETING : There shall be five kind of meeting :
a) Executive Committee Meeting, b) Ordinary Meeting, c) Annual General Meeting and d)
Extra Ordinary General Meeting and e) Emergency Meeting.
a) Executive Committee Meeting - Meeting shall be held at least once in three months at such place and time as the President or the Secretary may decide.
b) Ordinary Meeting -- Meeti.ng may b.: called by the Executive Committee for discussion with the General Members at any time.
c) Annual General Meeting -The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held once in a year within three months from the end of the Official Year.
d) Extra Ordinary General Meeting - Extra ordinary General Meeting shall be called for any addition, alteration or amendment to the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations of society or any major decision, at least 3 months before the Annual General Meeting.
e) Emergency Meeting -- Should the need so arise, an Emergency Meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the President giving 24 hours' notice for the benefit of the Society.

13. NOTICE :
Seven d.1ys clear notice specifying the place, time and agenda shall be given by the Secretary to the members of the Executive Committee. For holding the Annual General Meeting and Extra Ordinary General Meeting, 15 days clear notice shall be given by the Secretary to all the members.

At the Annual General Meeting and Extra Ordinary General Meeting, 1 / 3rd of the total members shall form the quorum. At the Executive Committee Meeting, 1/3rd members shall form the quorum.

a) Every member shall have one vote.
b) Save as provide in the Rules and as required under law, simple majority decision shall prevail In every matter, arising at any meeting.
c) In case of equality of votes on any issue at any meeting, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his own vote as member.
Votes shall be by show of hand or by ballot as the Chairman of the meeting may determine. But in case of election, the voting shall be by secret ballot.

16. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting: -
a) To receive, consider and confirm the proceedings of the previous Annual General Meeting and/or other Special Meeting if any,
b) To receive, consider and adopt the Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the previous year.
c) To receive, consider and adopt the audited accounts of the previous year.
d) To place for the approval the Estimated Budget for the following year.
e) To appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year.
f) Any other business not specified in the agenda may be brought forward with the consent of the Chairman of the meeting duly approved the majority of the members present.

17. SUB-COMITTEE : There shall be four Sub-Committees for the development of the Society. They are as follows :-
i), Entertainment, ii) Training, iii) Fund Raising and iv) Publicity and Printing. The sub-committees may be reduced / increased, by the Executive Committee as they deem fit.
The members of the Sub-Committee and Its number will be decided by the Executive Committee. The Sub-Committees may be changed/dissolved any time by the Executive Committee.

18. SAFE CUSTODY OF THE PROPERTY OF THE SOCIETY : The Society shall collect subscriptions, grants, gifts, donations etc. and deposit into the Bank. The Executive Committee shall invest any money of the Society for discharging the items and objectives of the society and they shall be responsible for the safe custody of the property of the Society.

19.MAINTENANCE AND AUDIT IF THE ACCOUNTS : The Executive Committee shall maintain the proper Books of Accounts and shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant.

20. INSPECTION OF ACCOUNTS AND PROCEEDINGS of Meetings : BOOKS of Accounts, Minute Books etc. shall be kept at the Registered Office of the society and same shall be available for inspection of any desirous members.

21. BANKING ACCOUNTS: Banking Account shall be opened in the name of the Society in any Nationalised / Scheduled Bank as may be decided by the Executive Committee. It shall be operated by any two of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

a) The Executive Committee shall manage all affairs of the Society subject to the direction of the General Meeting.
b) The Executive Committee shall cause the preparation and submission of the Annual Budget of the year together with Annual Report of the Society to the Annual General Meeting.
c) Any vacancy in the Executive Committee occurring during the year may be filled up by the Executive Committee.
d) The Executive Committee shall meet often if necessary or at least once every three months.
e) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to form Sub-Committee/s and shall define their functions and duties.
f) Every meeting of the Executive Committee shall fix the date, time and venue of the next meeting. An emergent meeting may however be called by the President giving 24 hours' notice.
g) One-third of the total members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum In the meeting Executive Committee.


1. The President :

a) shall preside over all meetings of the Society.
b) shall advise the society on all' points of disputes and generally look after the interests of the Society.
c) shall take all disciplinary actions such as removal, dismissal etc. in the consultation with the Executive Committee.
2. Vice – President : Vice-President shall perform the function of the President in his absence.
3. The Secretary :
a)The Secretary shall carry out all such duties which are allotted to him by the Executive Committee.
b) 'The Secretary shall be responsible to the Executive Committee for the proper discharge and execution of the Executive Committee Meetings' decision,
c) The Secretary shall have the power to call the General Meeting under the direction of the Executive Committee.
d) The Secretary shall cause the proper maintenance of books of accounts of the Society and prepare the Annual Report of all activities of the Society.
e) The Secretary shall have (the power to invest money as per direction of the Executive Committee.
f) The Secretary shall enter, if necessary, into all negotiations and contracts and shall execute all such acts on behalf of the Society as may be decided from time to time by the Executive Committee.
g) The Secretary shall receive and accept on behalf of the Society any sum or sums of money by way of gift, donation and subscription etc. and shall collect and raise funds by any lawful means for the purpose of the Society.
h) The Secretary shall take all necessary action for the Sale, Development, Administration and improvement of the property of the Society under the direction of the Executive Committee.
i) The Secretary shall undertake and execute any trusts incidental or conducive to the attainment of any objectives of the Society as directed by the Executive Committee.

1. The Treasurer : The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining proper accounts of the Society and shall pay all bills that may be presented to him duly countersigned and passed by the Secretary. Any money received by him must be deposited into a Scheduled Bank. The Bank Accounts shall be operated jointly by any two of the following Office Bearers viz, Treasurer, Secretary and the President.
2. The treasurer can keep an imprest cash upto Rs. 5,000 only for the day to day expense of the Society.

24. SEAL : The Society shall have a common seal which shall be kept under the safe custody and control of the Secretary and shall not be affixed to any instrument except pursuant to a resolution of the Executive Committee.

25. SUITS AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS: All suits and legal proceedings for or against the Society shall be in the name of the Secretary.

26. FUNDS AND PROPERTIES: The Society shall have its own funds to which all monies received by way of Admission fees, Subscriptions, Donations from its members and from any other source such as performance of drama, charity show etc. or from any aid or Grant from the Government or local bodies or any Company, shall be credited.

27. ALTERATINS AND MODIFICATIONS : The above Rules and Regulations may from time to time be added to, altered or amended by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting / Extra Ordinary General Meeting specially called for this purpose by a majority of votes but not less than two-third of the members present personally.

28. DISSOLUTION : If three-fourth members of the Society adopt a resolution "to dissolve the Society" in the Annual General Meeting, the Planters' Society of Eastern India may be dissolved.

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